Taco Cabana Menu Prices 2020 – Why So Much Attention..

Taco Cabana specializes in Mexican-inspired food made fresh by hand from exceptional authentic recipes and ingredients that reflect our rich Mexican heritage.

We have been extremely proud of our industry leadership position in quality and taste. The taco cabana happy hour includes a delicious variety of loaded tacos, flame-grilled fajitas, quesadillas, flautas, enchiladas, burritos, bowls, freshly-made flour tortillas and a variety of made-from-scratch salsas and sauces.

Breakfast tacos! Our wide selection of breakfast tacos including bacon, steak, chorizo, barbacoa and carne guisada (selection may vary by market) as well our Dozen Taco Boxes – available all-day long – are leaders within the fast-casual restaurant category.

Open air, open display. All restaurants feature open-display cooking, convenient drive-thrus, open-air patio dining and a selection of draft, bottled beers and refreshing tequila margaritas and sangrias.

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We carry on and redefine the Mexican fast-casual dining experience through on-going culinary, service and operations enhancements. Every single day, we’re committed to providing our guests the actual flavors of Mexico.

Taco Cabana is definitely an American fast casual restaurant chain focusing on Mexican cuisine. A wholly owned subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc, it is actually headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. At the time of September 2014, taco cabana restaurant had 166 locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Since July 2017, there have been 176 Taco Cabana restaurants. Taco Cabana is recognized for its pink stores and semi-enclosed patio dining areas. Most menu products are handmade daily at your location in open display cooking areas.

Formation in the restaurant chain. Taco Cabana was founded by Felix Stehling in September 1978 featuring its first restaurant at the corner of San Pedro and Hildebrand Avenue in Midtown San Antonio. Stehling obtained a vacant Dairy Queen as the family needed additional parking space for his or her popular bar across the street, the Crystal Pistol. Stehling chose to open a taco stand. The open-air form of the current structure led to the “patio cafe” concept that defined the chain’s subsequent locations. Felix Stehling’s wife, Billie Jo Stehling, came up with décor and interior theme for that restaurant chain. After finding all the outdoor furniture stolen following the first night of business, Stehling decided to keep the place open twenty four hours.

The initial Mexican patio cafe – The restaurant focused on fresh foods, rather than pre-packaged or pre-prepared foods. The restaurant served beer and margaritas, staying open 24-7 and allowing takeout orders. Since the business grew, Stehling asked his two brothers to help expand the chain throughout San Antonio. It soon grew to nine restaurants. In 1986 the brothers left the company, after variations in opinion concerning how to manage the company.

In 1990, Taco Cabana began expansion into neighboring states and continued its growth throughout Texas. Richard Cervera became president from the company in 1990, implementing a plan to franchise the brand.

Menu and ordering – Most Taco Cabana restaurants possess a drive-thru. Only some restaurants are open twenty four hours a day. For a lot of the chain’s history all locations were painted within the company’s signature pink. Taco Cabana is recognized for its interior, semi-enclosed and patio dining areas. Most menu products are handmade daily on location in open display cooking areas, including fajitas upon an open-flame grill and tortillas made in-house.

In 2002, it temporarily introduced flautas towards the menu. These people were made permanent after they proved popular. In 2003, Taco Cabana introduced the “premium bowl,” a precursor for salads and bowls on the menu. In April 2004, Taco Cabana introduced the Dozen Breakfast Tacos Box, a promotion that proved popular enough to become permanent. During 2006 through 2010, new items were tested, including the Shrimp Tampico and grilled Pupusa. Taco Cabana has made several temporary items permanent since that time, with steak street tacos added in December 2010, brisket tacos added in April 2011, sopapillas and flan in June 2011, and shrimp in February 2013.

In 2012, the company’s chefs were testing street food. In 2015, https://www.storeholidayhours.org/taco-cabana-holiday-hours-open-closed-today/ began utilizing an online mobile ordering app. In January 2018, the chain began offering certain breakfast foods all day. The chain will continue to gxjnyq alcohol, with happy hour specials for margaritas for Margarita Day in February 2018. In March 2018, the chain brought back Texas smokehouse brisket. It consistently have taco boxes using a dozen tacos of numerous sorts, with breakfast tacos offered in mornings. It sells a few of its hot sauces since 2017.